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Levi’s is one of the world’s most iconic brands. Ever since the company launched way back in 1853, Levi’s has been seen as a byword for quality jeans the world over. They have managed to infuse over 100 years of heritage in workwear into their new Skateboarding collection, taking boarding garments to the next level.

Taking inspiration from the laid-back Bay Area vibe in San Francisco, the skateboarding design team at Levi’s have also incorporated ideas from the 20th Century Army Corps of Engineers into their styles – the result? A guarantee that the products in this skateboarding collection are as tough and durable as you would expect from a manufacturer which made its name in workwear.

Levi’s has ramped up into the skateboarding world and made quite an impression already, supporting community skate groups around the world – in Detroit, Oakland, Christchurch and Puerto Peñasco – while entering into sponsorship pacts with revered pros such as Josh Matthews, Dan Plunkett, Marius Syvanen, Al Partanen, Joey Pepper and Pat Moran.

In this Levi’s skateboarding collection, you will find 511 jeans made with specially designed stretchy denim, offering the triple benefits of flexibility, comfort and durability. Then there is the classic 501 brand, which has been translated into a special skateboarding edition available in a range of versions, from Indigo Rinse to Pedro and Wallenburg. And don’t forget about the 504 jeans, which have also undergone a skateboarding switch, offering that classic jeans look for those who like to hit the streets with a less baggy style.

The Levi’s skateboarding workpant offers that ‘industrial’ urban look which some skaters favour, with a slightly tapered leg. And the Levis Chambray Riveter denim shirt offers a great casual top which can be mixed and matched in all manner of settings, on or off the board! All the items from the skateboarding range can also go wonderfully well with other items available from the wider Levi’s range – the Levi’s Batwing Curved Peak Cap, for instance.

This is a collection with a classic skating feel which is set to appeal to pros, hardcore amateurs, and those who are big disciples of the skating style.

Levi Strauss has made his entrance into the skateboarding world, and at Dissent Skate Shop we are proud to present the latest wares from this latest range, which is only available in independent skate stores around the country!