A Buyers Guide To Skate Shoes

There are two types of customer who buy skate shoes. Many people buy skate shoes because they like the style and they think skate shoes look cool. To this first group of buyer we say: you’re right! Skateboarding shoes do look great. You know what you like and we’ve no doubt that we have a shoe that matches your style.

But then there are those customers who buy skate shoes because they love skateboarding. These customers need durable and comfortable shoes that will help them perform in the skate park or on the street. To these customers we say: you need to read these tips!

How to chose the perfect pair of skate shoes:

1. Padding – Cushioning on the inside of the shoe is advisable to absorb impact on landing a trick. The heel area of the shoe is likely to absorb the most force and so you should check that this area is particularly well-padded.

2. Soles with grip – Skateboard shoes should have flat soles made of rubber that offer plenty of grip. Many skate shoes have rubber tracking which offer added grip to help you stay on your board and perform more technical tricks.

3. Flexible soles – It really helps to feel the skateboard when skating. Shoes with a flexible sole will assist you to control the board.

4. Skateboarders need tougher shoes – If you are a someone who wants to be doing tricks on their board you are going to need a tougher shoe. Features to look out for in a durable skate shoe are a Suede upper and triple stitching (meaning three rows of stitches where the skate shoe is held together).

5. Spend a little extra – If you are buying skate shoes as a fashion statement, a cheaper pair of skate shoes will do just fine. But if you plan on using your skate shoes to skate, then you will be testing the quality of the shoe to the limit. Cheaper shoes cannot withstand the wear and tear that comes with skating and, sooner rather than later, your skate shoes will start to fall apart. Consider your skateboarding shoes an investment and buy a premium shoe.


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