HUF is the brainchild of pro skater Keith Hufnagel, who originally hails from NYC but moved to San Francisco to open a small boutique – the first incarnation of a brand which would eventually grow to achieve worldwide acclaim. As the brands reputation grew, so did its scope. Hufnagel’s original intention to manufacture his own skate clothing – a move also designed to widen the breadth of what was currently on offer at the time – expanded outwards, and today his vision can be seen and experienced across a wide range of merchandise, including the ever popular shirts, caps and plantlife socks

Street Style at Affordable Prices

Hufnagel’s roots lie in the countercultures of 90s New York, and his core values have remained the same since the brand’s inception. Fashionable, wearable and ultimately affordable, his clothing is designed to stand up to tests of both wallet and wear. Skating and counterculture enthusiasts can display their style from head to toe in quality HUF socks, shirts and caps. This lifestyle brand is all about wearing your self-expression on your sleeve, whether you prefer classic black or the out-there look of the HUF Plantlife print.

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