Skateboard Cafe

Established in Bristol, Skateboard Cafe is a company that was never meant to be. In its early days, Skateboard Cafe was never meant to be a skate company, it was actually the name of a scene video produced in 2008. Following this, a very small clothing line was put together followed by an equally small run of decks. As this snowballed, Skateboard Cafe came to fruition, as a sort of “happy accident”.

Demonstrating ever increasing popularity, the brand is instantly recognisable as one of the UK’s most iconic skate brands. With standout deck graphics and a quality clothing line, this brand will be one to watch.

“Thank you for dining with us” – Skateboard Cafe

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Skateboard Cafe Trumpet Logo Deck Peach White Fade 8.00"
Skateboard Cafe Trumpet Logo Deck | Peach/White Fade | 8.00"
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