Another Industry giant to come out of NHS Inc, MOB Grip burst onto the skateboarding scene and has remained supreme. MOB have one of the biggest skate teams in skateboarding and claim to be “#1 Griptape Choice of Professional Skateboarders, Skate Shops & Distributors”. MOB set out to deliver grip tape with no more air bubbles and to every skater’s surprise, they delivered. MOB then built upon this and collaborating with nearly every other name in the skating community.  

MOBs bubble free griptape is a result of placing tiny holes within the tape, to allow for the air to escape whilst being applied. However, this is not the only famous claim MOB have, they also take pride in being “The Grippiest” on the market. Which is backed up by both professionals and beginners.  This is also combined with a “plastic plywood”, that makes it easier to trim down once applied to your deck. MOB offers and small and fine grain which promotes a reduction in the wear on your shoes, without taking away from board control or grip.

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