Why Skateboarding is so good for you

Some of the more avid skaters amongst you won’t be at all surprised by this article, but it turns out skateboarding does a lot more than just cause the odd injury – skateboarders actually get a lot of great health benefits out of their chosen activity. Just like any sport, it has its risks, but the next time anyone complains that “you’re going to break a leg doing that”, just show them this great list of advantages:

Healthy metabolism

Just like any exercise, skateboarding promotes healthy activity, which in turn boosts your metabolism. Skateboarding is unique in that it provides a specific type of exercise you just won’t get from other sports, as your feet and legs are constantly working in different ways to keep you balanced and upright. You’re keeping fit, and having fun whilst improving your cardio over time.

Improved coordination

When you watch pro skaters at events or on TV, you’ll know their coordination skills are clearly off the charts. With practice, your coordination improves, which is what you really need to succeed at any sport.

Pain tolerance

No parent likes to think of their child casually getting hurt on a regular basis, however, as long as you wear the proper protective gear, you’ll be safe and in time you’ll get used to the feeling of pain. Your tolerance for pain will start to build up as your skills improve, and soon you won’t be taking as many falls.

Great reflexes

Having good reflexes also goes hand-in-hand with pain tolerance, and part of the reason you get so good is to avoid the pain that comes with skids and falls. Think of it as almost like brain training, but for your body. You’ll become noticeably sharper outside of the skate park, too.

Stress relief

Skateboarding is a great way to handle stress, as when you’re out there, all your concentration and focus goes on that one activity; if you’re bogged down with thoughts stress at home, or your pet that’s just passed away, chances are you’ll have a few falls that day. You’ll also have improved concentration.


Along with concentration and coordination, balance is one of the big three important aspects of skateboarding; without balance, you won’t get very far. The more you practice, the better your balance is going to get.

Knowing how to fall

Especially as a beginner, you’re going to fall down a lot. With that experience comes the knowledge of how to fall off your skateboard correctly, and in ways that will minimise risk of injury. These are skills you just can’t get from football or tennis.


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