Bronson G2 Skateboard Bearings | Assorted


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The Bronson G2 Skateboard Bearings are simply amazing and they want you to "go fast, stay fast and last longer"

  • Premium skateboard bearings
  • One set of eight Bronson Speed Co G2 Bearings from Bronson Speed Co
  • Industry standard size: 608 with a 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width
  • Pre-lubricated for a smooth, fast ride
  • Deep Groove Raceways
  • Straight Edge Frictionless Shields
  • High Speed Ceramic Oil

If you are after a fast, smooth ride without making a bit dent in your wallet then the Bronson G2 Skateboard Bearings are a good choice!  Their strap-line is 'go fast, stay fast, last long' and we're not going to argue with that as they have been tried and tested by the Dissent team with very positive results!