Blind could be seen as a brand that personifies 90's skateboarding.  Known to many by the grim reaper logo, Blind was originally founded in 1989 by skate legend Mark Gonzales.  The name came about as a bit of a dig by Gonzales at his previous sponsor 'Vision' skateboards.

Blind has had a steady roster of big names throughout it's history including Ronnie Creager, Guy Mariano, Danny Way and Filipe Ortiz to name but a few.  The brands' first video release in 1991 was called 'Video Days' which was filmed by Spike Jonze and is still seen as one of the most influential skateboarding releases of the 90's.  

At present Blind has cemented itself as one of the biggest worldwide skate brands which is distributed by Dwindle and has a strong range of hardware, clothing and accessories.

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