Humour, vibrant colours, rainbows, Pandas and Cats are just a few of the things that come to mind when the brand Enjoi is mentioned as well as a good stock of professional skateboarders on their team!

Founded back in 2000 by Pro Skater Marc Johnson with the help of skate legend Rodney Mullen the brand has grown into one of the most well known skateboard hardware, clothing and accessory providers in the world. It is said that the idea for the name and the iconic Panda Logo came from a dream that Johnson had one night, which must have been one very surreal slumber!

The original founders and team (which included legends such as Jerry HSU, Chris Cole, Wieger Van Wageningen and Jason Adams) may have departed from the label in recent years, but it is still going from strength to strength with it’s quirky graphics and solid pro and amateur team. As well as a solid roster of riders from the United States including Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta and Nestor Judkins, there is also one of the UK’s finest exports on there who goes by the name of Ben Raemers. With a mix of extraordinary talent, likability and riding for one of the best UK stores ‘Lost Art’ it was only a matter of time that Ben was noticed on an international level with Enjoi being a perfect fit for the Colchester lad.

A good list of athletes and a quirky name is a good start, but the product needs to be just as reputable and Enjoi Skateboarding definitely delivers in this area too. The skateboard decks and wheels that they produce are made by Dwindle who are known for their quality and this is topped off by the fantastic artwork displayed on the boards which in the past have included piggyback pandas, kittens on clouds and rainbows, Alan Partridge, spectrum patterns, rasta designs and the odd XXX rated graphic. To compliment the hardware is a fantastic range of apparel including T-Shirts, Hoodies, Snapback Caps, wallets and belts, all of which carry on with the comedic theme of the brand.

All in all, Enjoi is a brand that exudes quality and style whilst not taking itself too seriously!

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