Brixton was founded in 2004 from the vision of David Stoddard and with the support of Jason Young and Mike Chapin who saw the massive potential in the brand.  

In the UK of course Brixton is a district of London and some people are curious as to why the name.  Essentially it was inspired by the English punk band ‘The Clash’ so to a certain extent the links to Britain are there.

The Beginning

Starting from the grass roots, the brand was a Hat company and distributed from a Garage in Oceanside, South California.  The range concentrated on Hats and Caps to begin with as there was little to no competition compared to the clothing market which was being saturated by a lot of big names at the time.  The brand image has always aimed to come across as classic, timeless and premium which is the look and ethos to which Brixton still strive to achieve today.

After breaking into the skate, surf and streetwear market with the Hats it was then time for the company to expand into clothing.  It has a great range of Flannel shirts including staple styles like the Bowery and the Grade.  Moving on from the Shirts, they introduced jackets with new styles including the Dale and Claxon.  Adding to this range came accessories, T-shirts, hoodies and bottoms.  Finally the range was complete when they launched pants which they took their time with as they wanted to make sure the fit was just right – going to show how much they care about their customers and authenticity.

The Future

So, from it’s inception to today Brixton is a brand with collections that are hard to duplicate with modern hats and clothes which take inspiration from traditional styles.  Inspired by music, surf, skate and counter culture there is definitely a positive future for the brand on a global scale

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