Pass Port

PASS PORT Skateboards is a creation of Sydney Australia resident Trent Evans. Founded in 2009, after Evans noticed a lack of homegrown skateboard brands coming out of Australia, Pass Port took outside skate influence and married it together with Australian localism. 

Knowing a majority of the local talent, Evans took his VX1000 and started to curate skate edits and put a team together for his new conception. Fast forward to today, Pass Port skateboards is a worldwide brand, fronted by quality tees, jackets, beanies and sweats. The apparel line is backed up by a wide variety of decks, taking influence from the in-house skate team and Australian skate culture.

Pass Port represent Australia’s finest: Jason Rainbird, Callum Paul, Josh Pall, Geoff Campbell, Nik Stipanovic, Dean Palmer, Juan Onekawa and Billy McFeely

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